Slickrock 1/18th Rock Crawler


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Modified Mayhem

From the forests of West Virginia to the deserts of California, wherever steep ravines and axle-busting boulders abound, rock crawlers are there. The 4 x 4 equivalent of a mountain goat, these amazing machines can assault brutally uneven terrain without a single wheel leaving the ground. But drivers need more than a rig with long-travel shocks and oversized tires to make it in this sport. It takes cat-like balance and nerves of steel, too. Any driver lacking these qualities will find himself hanging upside from his seat harness, waiting to get flipped upright . . . a lot.


The 1/18-scale Vaterra® Slickrock™ rock crawler is engineered to deliver the most authentic RC rock crawler experience in its class. Its combination of innovative suspension, steering and drivetrain features set it apart from just about everything else in its class.

The traction of full-time 4WD combined with the amazing articulation of the multilink suspension makes it possible to tackle ridiculously uneven terrain while keeping all four tires firmly planted on the ground.

Unlike many 1/18-scale rock crawlers that use mini steering servos, this one comes with a waterproof servo big enough for 1/10-scale vehicles that delivers more torque for negotiating hostile terrain. The servo’s short-case design keeps it clear of the roll cage at any suspension angle. The bigger servo also puts extra weight on the front axle for better traction.

The metal lockers – an aftermarket option on most rock crawlers this size – won’t strip under heavy loads.

The realistic drivetrain and suspension are complemented by officially-licensed, 1.9- inch Interco TSL SX Super Swamper tires. As with the full-scale versions, their tread pattern and compound provide excellent grip at almost any angle.

The waterproof receiver, speed control and steering servo make it possible to brave environments and conditions that would put other mini rock crawlers out of commission.

*Details on waterproof standards can be found in the instruction manual.